Running the ServerΒΆ

It is best practice to deploy this server onto a network that is either connected to a separate power panel as the one being tested on, a network that is on a UPS, or to a mobile hotspot that allows inner device communication.

First a configuration file must be created. Create a directory called .powerpannel in your home directory then create a config.yml file in that with the following format:

# Delay between a devices last registration (sec) allowed before the device is removed from the active testers
# list.
device_expiration: 3
# The time after which the homepage should refresh to display the active devices.
refresh_delay: 1
# The server port.
port: 5000
# NOTE: device_expiration should be at least 2x the refresh_delay.

Then run the following command in a python shell.

from powerpanel.power_panel import PowerPanelServer
server = PowerPanelServer()

The server can then be reached at http://[Server IP]:[Server Port]